Touch Our Brain. We’ll Touch Yours Too.

We are NOT a company. We are a group of goal-oriented friends working together but INDEPENDENTLY.

Make it blue. Make it red. Make it a pony. Nope, we'd rather be watching Football. Just take a step back and breathe. Stop stressing and stop worrying. Get yourself together and leave it to us. We can be your knot which you tie when reaching the end of the rope or like a box of chocolates from the first day of your diet. Whether you have a brilliant idea but no design skills, or you got your an awesome prototype, or the design is done but sucks – at least one of us can jump into the action. We are INDEPENDENT FREELANCERS that know what is doing and doing it great.

There are at least 4 things that we take for granted. 1. Friendship must be built on a solid foundation of alcohol, sarcasm, inappropriateness, and shenanigans; 2. GOOD design is GOOD Business; 3. Better is to be Bold or Italic than Regular; 4. We will never copy the logo from your Facebook; We are doing it from passion, so the result goes beyond expectations. Get inside, check which one of us is the most suitable to your needs. Contact DIRECTLY. Let us create your space in the e-world you could be excited about!

We are self-motivated.

Hurry Up, You Lazy Rats.

Hi. Hola. Salut.

We are an Remote-House Team built from Independent Freelancers.

Front-End Developer


Full-Stack Developer


Senior Full-Stack Developer


Security & Software Engineer